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Through monthly General Meetings and through various committees within the organization, you have the opportunity to network with your peers and stay abreast of the latest changes within the building industry. You will find it easy to make friends and build business contacts at this gathering of your industry peers.

A Solid Business Investment

When you join the local Association of Home Builders you also join the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the State Home Builders Association (NCHBA) so you are a member of three associations for the price of one. The NAHB keeps you abreast of the political activities in Washington, DC, regarding the Home Building Industry. NCHBA keeps you informed of major environmental regulations affecting land development and home building and provides seminars and publications on other critical local, state and national issues, like building codes and standards and OSHA regulations. NAHB has many more services available to members. The NCHBA is your advocate in Raleigh and on Capitol Hill. They constantly develop and support positive legislation for the home building industry by providing technical assistance and expert testimony to lawmakers.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Another great service of the NCHBA is the Builders Mutual Insurance Program. Group buying power allows insurance coverage at a reduced rate. The Builders Mutual Insurance Company is available only to members of the Home Builders Association, regardless of the size of your company. This plan will actually save you money. Through loss cost rating, BMIC is able of offer competitive rates to keep your workers’ compensation expenses low. In 2000 $4,000,000 in surplus distributions were distributed to qualified members of the Home Builders Association across North Carolina.

Improve Your Business

Through the information available in publications that you receive and exchange of ideas at meetings, seminars and the NAHB Convention Exposition. Be Better Informed – on what is being done in the housing industry, the second-largest industry in the United States.


Learn about the latest sales and marketing techniques and how to manage and increase your business.


Access the materials that will help you with important questions or special problems relating to your business. NAHB Member Service Center is just a toll-free phone call away or through the NAHB website at

Professional Recognition

Being a member of this professional organization promotes and strengthens your credibility and professionalism. Get deserved national recognition for your expertise and your volunteer efforts on behalf of the building industry and your customers. Increase Business Contacts – Every contact you make is a potential asset to yourself and your business.

Associate Members

You do not have to be a Builder to be a member of the HBA. Associate members make up over half the membership and are valuable to the association. If your business is related to the building industry in any way, plumbing, electrical, interior design, furniture, financial, real estate, anything the goes into the building of, furnishing of and maintaining of a home, you should be a member of the HBA.

National Strength

Working with the media, government agencies, and industry coalitions, the Local, State, and National Home Builders Associations strive to enhance the image and improve conditions for the building industry. They support national pro-housing initiatives that are important to you and your customers and create a favorable environment for the continued success of your business.

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